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Fish Recipes


fish food


Grilled trout

4 trout portions

New potatoes
8 sun-dried tomatoes
100 g good olives, with stones
1 large shallot
A little fresh thyme
1 dl white wine
100 g butter
Preserved artichokes


With sauce of sun-dried tomatoes and olives.
Rinse, dry and grill the fish. When the dorsal fin can be pulled away, the fish is ready. Quarter the new potatoes and boil. Then turn them in lightly sautéed spinach.


Sauce: Finely chop the onions and sautée with thyme. When the onions are transparent, add the chopped tomatoes, stoned olives and white wine. Reduce by 2/3 and thicken with butter. Serve with the preserved artichokes, possibly on a skewer. The dish can be heating before serving.


fish food  




You can vary grilled trout dishes in an infinite number of ways with marinades. Marinades retain the juice and flavour of the fish – and have the advantage of allowing you to prepare the meal in advance. Fillets in particular are perfect for marinating.

It is quick and simple: Mix the ingredients in a deep plate, place the fish in the marinade, cover and place in the fridge for up to three hours. When grilling, place the fish in an oil-brushed grill-holder and coat regularly with the marinade.


Rosemary- and garlic marinade

Mix half a clove of crushed garlic, fresh leaves of rosemary, 1 tbsp white-wine vinegar and 2 tbsp olive oil. Season with freshly ground pepper. Just before grilling, place a sprig of rosemary on the coals – the smoke helps to give the fish a particularly delicious flavour.


Sweet and sour marinade

Mix 2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp soya sauce, 1 tbsp honey, 1 pinch brown sugar, 1 tbsp dry sherry and 1 tsp lemon juice. Season with freshly ground pepper.


Red-wine Marinade

Mix 3 tbsp dry red wine with 1 tbsp oil, a few crushed peppercorns, 1 bay leaf, 1 sprig parsley and a finely chopped shallot. Season, if desired, with freshly chopped coriander leaves. Place a couple of bay leaves on the coals during the grilling.


fish food  

Pan-fried trout cutlets

(Serves 4)


4 trout cutlets of 125 g
(possibly 4x4 small trout cutlets)
125 g flour
5 eggs
100 g mushrooms (button mushrooms,
chanterelle mushrooms)
1 onion
3 tbsp coarse mustard
2 dl cream
Salt and pepper


Turn the trout cutlets in flour and fry in butter approx. 3 mins on each side.


For the mushroom cake: heat 125 g butter and 2.5 dl water and bake through with 125 g flour. Allow to cool and fold in the eggs. Mix the sliced mushrooms into the dough and bake in small greased forms at 180°C for approx. 15 mins.


Mustard sauce: Mix the mustard, the finely chopped onion and cream and heat until the sauce is smooth. Season with salt and pepper.


Serving: Arrange the cutlets on a dish with the mushroom cakes divided into two on top.
Pour the sauce


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