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Code of Ethics at Danske Ørredsøer members

  • Fish are living beings and should be treated with respec

Fish Ethics

  • Fish must not be stored in nets in the lake.
  • Fish to be taken, must be killed quickly by stroke and bleeding. Caught fish may not be released if they have been damaged or it is estimated that the fish will not survive.
  • Only one hook per rod.
  • Large hook fishing and fishing with fork, nets and spears is prohibited and results in expulsion.
  • Do not use live or dead bait fish and parts of these.

Angling Ethics

  • Make sure you understand the rules at the lake.
  • Only catch fish for private use.
  • Show respect for others at the lake.
  • Don’t fish close to others. Think of others when you through out your line.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and droppings must be removed.
  • Shrubs and trees may not be cut down by the lake.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts in the water - the fish eat them!
  • Clean up after yourself and use the trash bins.
  • Please clean your fish at the cleaning table. Never clean fish at the lake, as decease can spread and pollution can occur.
  • Discarded fishing line and hooks must not be dumped by the lake. It is a danger to birds and animals.
  • Use the designated parking spaces.



To become a member, the company must fulfil the minimum requirements of the classification stipulations – corresponding to 1 star, 1 tree and 1 fish. The minimum requirements include:

  • Permission for the site and use of lakes
  • Permission to put out fish
  • Toilet and fish-cleaning facility
  • Possibility of getting rid of litter

The classification is carried out by the authorisation committee. This takes place after a recommendation by the association’s consultant, who has visited all the companies in advance and carries out a number of registrations of permissions and physical conditions. The classification applies for one year at a time.


Angling licence - angling permit

Everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 must have an angling licence in order to fish in public, saltwater or freshwater, waters. Angling licences can be bought at post offices as well as at a number of tourist bureaus, campsites and from most of the members of Danish Trout Lakes. If you want to fish in a river or a natural lake, you must have an angling permit for that actual area of fishing water.


No public angling licence is required for a trout lake or Put & Take waters.



Competitions are regularly held at individual trout lakes. So keep up to date by checking the local daily press, angling periodicals, or


Praise and criticism

If you are dissatisfied with something, the first person to complain to is the source of your dissatisfaction. If this does not solve the problem, you may make a written complaint to the Association. All written complaints are treated according to the same fixed procedure. If you feel praise is due, or have some good stories, new ideas, great photos, etc., we would love to hear from you. All forms of response are important to Danish Trout Lakes as they help use in our efforts to develop angling in a positive direction.



Annual quality monitoring and Biological Counselling: Arduinna Consult, DK-8830 Tjele.


The angling guide is published by Danish Trout Lakes.


Editor Hanne Petersen. Subject to errors and alterations to rates.

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